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In 2014 the original location for a shop at the crossroads in Castle Bytham was rejected by SKDC, being a Greenfield site.  However, later in 2014, the Steering Group received the offer of a brownfield site on the quarry on Station Road, along with a substantial grant towards the building costs.  As this offer was coupled to the overall development of the quarry there was a lengthy delay in progressing the project until SKDC approved the outline planning application for the whole quarry in January 2016.  


The original outline planning proposal, shown opposite, had a shop building deemed too small for our needs. The Steering Group also focused on ensuring that the location and design would benefit the street scene along Station Road and wished to have the building slightly set back from the footpath.  


The old shop site on Pinfold Road was tucked away in a narrow street with limited on road parking for customers.  The site of the new shop along Station Road will be more visible to passing traffic and offer off road parking.  Numerous commuters use the nearby crossroads junction which, together with a more central location for the 2 halves of Castle Bytham will make the site more accessible.