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The front of the building faces north.  Towards the old Castle Bytham village centre.  Entrance is under the porch, which will also offer outsdie goods displays and somewhere to enjoy your coffee when the weathr permits.  

Natural light will be from skylights in the roof, whilst there are minimal windows on the east side along Station Road, looking out from the cafe.


The structure is a prefabricated wood framed and wood clad building that we feel fitting to the rural environment.  They can be rapidly constructed and allow flexible use of the interior.  The design has a rural appearance and “farm shop” atmosphere in keeping with the aim of promoting local produce.  


Apart from a car park the intention is to also allocate space for the mobile Post Office, Mobile Library and possibly other external services, offering power and Wi Fi connection.  Outside seating for the cafe area, sympathetic tree and shrub planting are also under included.


The diagram opposite shows the interior layout. Space is allocated at roughly 2/3 shop and 1/3 cafe.  The small kitchen will allow for baking fresh bread and pastries onsite and a modest lunch menu.  A very early requirement from our community surveys was for decent coffee and we will do our best to deliver a quality beverage. Many similar projects ahve shown the benefit of including cafe with the shop to provide a genuine community "hub" or informal meeting place.


9x12 internal walls 9x12 side elevation