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Project Update February 2019

Remember you can still buy shares in the project which entitles you to select the management committee, have a say in how it is run and how any surplus profits are to be used back into our community.  See the "shares link" for more information or get in touch thouogh the contact details for more information.

During January, our solicitors and Dr Burston' solicitors agreed the final version of the contract to transfer the shop site to Bythams Community Shop Ltd and agree access to the funding support for the project from Dr Burston.  On 30 Jan 2019 the chairman and treasurer signed our copy of the contract on behalf of the Shop Committee.  We now await an agreed exchange of contracts date to complete the process and have access to the funds from Dr Burston.  Unfortunately, after a 3 year long application process, we were unable to meet the deadline for the LEADER grant and have lost that support, worth over £50k.  This means we have gone from a comfortable margin of funds to build and equip the shop and café to a deficit.  This means pursuing additional funding an two alternative grants are being pursued and a efforts to increase the number of shareholders is underway. We have sufficient funds to begin building work and also looking for ways to save or postpone costs if necessary.    

Option 1 Shop

The other change in January was to the actual shop site being transferred.   Changes to the adjacent plots of land for housing have resulted in moving the shop slightly northwards and means we will have to re-submit our detailed planning application but also having to consider possible changes to the shape of the building.  The most obvious change will be the need to move the rear porch to the front of the building, facing the car park.  The diagram opposite shows how the existing building could fit but we will need to complete the clearance of the site to know exactly what shape and size will fit.  The existing planning approval is for a building of 144 square metres – 12m x 12m plus the porch cover (in dark yellow).   If possible, we would like to retain the same floor space but options are an oblong building instead of a square, smaller building and an assessment on off road parking capacity.


Clearing the Site