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Project Update Jan 2020

Remember you can still buy shares in the project which entitles you to select the management committee, have a say in how it is run and how any surplus profits are to be used back into our community.  See the "shares link" for more information or get in touch thouogh the contact details for more information.

The design will give us an internal floor space of just over 100 sq metres, including a disabled capable toilet and its lobby, an office and kitchen area.  This compares with the old shop, on Pinfold Road, with a floor space of around 40 sq metres, including an office and small kitchen (but no toilet).


The design had to undergo some revision to make best use of the land available.  Studies of many similar projects in the UK had shown that very small shops struggle to provide adequate stock variety and quantity.  The other major consideration, gleaned from many similar projects, is the importance of a village shop as a social focus for the community.  All being well we are looking at an opening in May this year.


 Other work being finalised are the utility connections, beginning with water & sewage with contractors approved by Anglia Water.  There will be a temporay electricity supply to the site but we are waiting for information on when Western Power will be replacing the overhead cables with an underground supply, as this affects our car park layout.  

With the finance in place work began in November to level the site and the foundations installed during December.  The work was completed ahead of time and is now ready to recieve the building itself.  There was a lot of work involved in getting the precise details of the building determined and designed.  We expect it to be delivered in the second half of January.  

The Site

This image shows the shape of the building, looking east from the quarry towards Station Road.  The external cladding will be larch "clapboard" overlappng style - not the flush boarding shown.  The objective being to create an english old style barn effect.  Most of the natural light will come from the skylights, freeing up as much interior wall space for shelving and cold storage units.  The main door is as shown but there will also be an emergency exit that opens on to Station Road.  

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