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Project Update August 2017

After a long wait we have received the contract for the transfer of the land for the shop & café and the financial grant from the landowner to help with the building costs.  The offer from the landowner, Dr Burston, is extremely generous but the complications associated with the much larger planning process for the whole quarry has inevitably been time consuming.  Nevertheless, the community owes the opportunity to have a practical solution to our need for a shop and daytime community hub to the landowner’s support for our project.  


We are pressing ahead with our own detailed planning application and do not have to wait for the other parts of the quarry to be developed.  All this means we should be able to commence work on the site this year, fingers crossed!


The immediate focus for fund raising is the community share offer.  To achieve the “Share Booster Award” that will double the value of what we raise we have to have all shares paid for by 31 August.  We need to raise at least £20,000 by 31 August to gain the award and up to £40,000 to get the maximum award.  Funds raised through the share issue are important as they help with some “match” funding when applying for other grants and demonstrate community commitment for the project.  Our last public event for promoting the share issue is the Village BBQ on the Glen Road Recreation Field on the afternoon of 13 August.  There will be tents, a bar and BBQs fired up ready to burn you own burgers or T bone steaks plus a bouncy castle for the children.  Bring your picnics and join in a real family afternoon.  

One funding piece of bad news is that we have had to withdraw our application for £90k from the EU Rural Development Fund as we could not meet their criteria for having ownership of the land by their deadline in July.  The money is essentially still there but we have to go through the whole application process all over again and, inevitably, some of the goalposts for the grant have moved.  Other organisations that have already helped us financially are shown below.

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