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Project Update June 2018

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After many delays the contract for the transfer of the land for the shop is with our solicitors.  There are some confusing issues and contradictions to be dealt with but we hope to taking possession shortly.  In the meantime, we have re-worked two grant/loan arrangements to match the estimated cost of the project.  The focus of attention being on getting detailed quotes for the actual construction.  The next priority will be to re-visit the costs of the internal equipment as much of that work is now 2 years old.  

After much thought we have decided on a simpler design, whilst retaining the timber frame timber clad appearance and offering the same floor space.  The design now looks like this:

front view-02-05-2018

When new, the wood panelling will look something like this.  The roof will offer space for solar panels and using slate grey tiles they will be less obvious.  


The design has high insulation qualities and we have tried to minimise running costs by using an air pump to supplement the heating.


Entrance suitable for disabled, as is the toilet facility

Rear view (small)

In a short time, the panels will weather and look something like this.  The porches, front and back, will offer some protection from the weather, allowing goods to be on display at the front and fair weather dining on the rear patio.  We have some work to do on the out doors design but will retain the hedgerow along Station Road.

As a community project we will be looking at ways to save money and identify what we can do for ourselves.  Painting and decorating are obvious options but you do not have to be a mechanical genius to help put up shelves or hang pictures.  This will be our community shop and café so get ready to roll up sleeves and give a hand.