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Project Update February 2019

Remember you can still buy shares in the project which entitles you to select the management committee, have a say in how it is run and how any surplus profits are to be used back into our community.  See the "shares link" for more information or get in touch thouogh the contact details for more information.


The contract giving us ownership of the land and access to the grant fro Dr Burston has been completed.  After discussion with SKDC Planners we have submitted a revised planning application for a building measuring 12m x 10m, with a 2.5m front porch.  The real impact of the changes to the site are that it will have fewer parking spaces.  The slightly smaller width means we can accommodate a single pitch roof but retain the timber clad “farm shop” appearance.  We have also been busy looking at ways of covering the car park surface and how we can “landscape” the site to keep the countryside atmosphere.  We have been fortunate to have an expert on wildlife advise us – currently the editor of the BBC Wildlife magazine and Castle Bytham resident.  Amazing what a bit of persuasion in the pub can achieve

Perhaps the biggest surprise has been an invitation to reapply for an EU Rural Development Grant.  WE had been told in early February that the fund was closed but obviously someone found some loose change lying around.  It will involve a lot of hard work in the next few weeks as we revisit all the costs and quotes from companies to wrap up our application.  We have decided to press ahead with the erection of the building and use the grant for fixtures and fitting as it will take time to get the grant approved.


Clearing the Site

side view 2019 site plan 2