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Project Update Oct 2019

Remember you can still buy shares in the project which entitles you to select the management committee, have a say in how it is run and how any surplus profits are to be used back into our community.  See the "shares link" for more information or get in touch thouogh the contact details for more information.

Planning approval was granted on 28 Aug 2019.  Bearing in mind that the project started in January 2014 this is a major milestone.  It gave the go ahead to confirm our order for the building and have the manufactureres fine tune the structure.  As soon as we have the artwork for the final design we will post it here.  


The smaller width means we can accommodate a single pitch roof but retain the timber clad “farm shop” appearance.  We have also been busy looking at ways of covering the car park surface and how we can “landscape” the site to keep the countryside atmosphere.  We have been fortunate to have an expert on wildlife advise us – recentlythe editor of the BBC Wildlife magazine and a Castle Bytham resident.  Amazing what a bit of persuasion in the pub can achieve.


Other work being finalised are the utility connections, beginning with water & sewage with contractors approved by Anglia Water.  There will be a temporay electricity supply to the site but we are waiting for information on when Western Power will be replacing the overhead cables with an underground supply, as this affects our car park layout.  

Our application for a EU "LEADER" grant has finally been approved after 3 years of work.  It was conditional on having planning permission and ownership of the land so delays to the contract for the land have been a major obstacle.  It will pay for 40% of the cost of much of the shop equipment such as chillers, fridges etc and 40% of the cost of landscaping the exterior of our site.  The remaining problem is we have to spend the money this year.  

The Site

Shop site drone image

Following the first down payment for the building the final tecnical design is underway and off site construction will commence.  

8 x 12 plus store LEADER