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Bytham Community Needs

1. The population of the two main villages from the 2011 census is 768 for Castle Bytham and 384 in Little Bytham; including the other villages and hamlets within 3 miles of the proposed shop site the total population is just under 2000.  This population has above the national average in the over 60's age group.  

castle-bytham-population little-bytham-population

2. Although it is expected that many households will continue to do their main shopping in the nearest towns (Bourne, Stamford and Grantham) there is a significant demand for occasional “top up” shopping for groceries throughout the week.  Moreover the large number of older residents and other sectors of the community, parents with infant children, home workers, with limited personal mobility resources etc require access to a local shop.  5 distinct socially disadvantaged demographic groups identified are:

Blue - under 20

Red 20-60

Green over 60

  • Elderly without own transport

  • Disabled without own transport

  • Young people not in employment

  • Parents without child care facilities

  • Low income

3. The second factor affecting access to alternative shopping locations is the very limited nature of public transport links to the nearest urban shopping locations.  Later  pages shows the time/distance to the nearest alternative shopping venues and the current bus service available.  The choice of a site at the principle crossroads in Castle Bytham also offers a further customer base from passing trade, especially from the significant transiting commuter traffic at that location.