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The Bythams Community Shop

The Bythams Community Shop is a project that aims to provide a local shop for the villages of Castle Bytham and Little Bytham and their nearby parishes.


The main villages have only infrequent bus services to local towns. The surrounding smaller communities have even less access to public transport.


The villages that comprise the Glenside News Parish magazine community in Lincolnshire and Clipsham in Rutland currently have journeys of more than 3 miles to the nearest shop and 10 miles to the nearest supermarket.


We are going to change this.

Around 400 commercial village shops close each year. This often has drastic impact for social wellbeing and the local economy.  Community shops offer a vital source of retail provision within rural communities and are recognised as helping to reduce rural social isolation and loneliness. They are sustainable, co-operative businesses that respond directly to local needs and help residents take control over the future of their communities and secure the provision of essential services.

The Facts

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Up to 31 Aug the community share issue had raised £18,460, this was doubled to £36,920 by our “share booster” award.  We continue to sell shares at £20 each but those sold after 31 Aug do not qualify for the booster award.  With later share sales and interest the share account stands at just under £36,941 on 1 Nov 17.  

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