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The Bythams Community Shop

The Bythams Community Shop is a project that aims to provide a local shop for the villages of Castle Bytham and Little Bytham and their nearby parishes.


The main villages have only infrequent bus services to local towns. The surrounding smaller communities have even less access to public transport.


The villages that comprise the Glenside News Parish magazine community in Lincolnshire and Clipsham in Rutland currently have journeys of more than 3 miles to the nearest shop and 10 miles to the nearest supermarket.


We are going to change this.

Community shops go much further than simply selling food and drink. They become the hub of their community by being open long hours, open to all the community, and often facilitate a wide range of services that are needed. They are not just about selling groceries and household items but can also help with:

Alleviating social isolation and loneliness

Improve healthcare and wellbeing

Boost the local economy

Support the environment

In a rural community, the shop can often help address the above by becoming a social hub in the community. It offers a lifeline to many other nearby settlements and on average provides services to between three and four additional villages. For some rural residents, particularly the less mobile, having a community shop and the services it offers, can make the difference in enabling them to remain living in their home without having to relocate.

The Impact of having a village shop

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Last touches to the interior of the shop being done and external landscaping being completed.  Staff being interviewed and initial stocks being ordered.

2019 Annual Members Meeting will be held in the Castle Bytham Village Hall on Wednesday 11th December 2019 at 7 pm.



2020 Annual Members Meeting will be held in the Castle Bytham Village Hall on Wednesday 9th December 2020 at 7 pm.

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The hard work has paid off!


We are proud to be open from


10am Monday 1st June 2020



We are looking forward to meeting you all and welcoming you to our community shop.

The shelves are stocked and we are ready to go.



Our new website is under construction and coming soon.